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Class Options

Join us six days a week (closed Sundays) for tumbling, cheer, dance, gymnastics, and martial arts classes for kids and adults of all ages. We're happy to work with you, regardless of your skill level. Contact us today!

Class Options

Tumble Tots
Age 16 months-2.5 (or beginner 3)

Age 16 months-2.5 (or beginner 3)
Super Tumblers age 3-4 (or beginner 4's)
Mighty Tumblers age 4-5 (or beginner 5's)

Must have strong bridge

Back Handspring Class
Must have backwalkover

Tucks, Layouts and Twist Class
Must have rd off 3 backhandsprings in a row

Boys Strength and Fitness
Ages 4 and up

Boys Strength and Fitness
Ages 4 and up

Gymnastics for boys and girls
Competitive and non-competitive gymnastics
Competitive and-non competitive Cheer
Martial Arts


Tuition payments are to be paid the 5th or 6th week of a session for the next session.


Please dress your child comfortably. We prefer leotards, but a t-shirt and shorts are acceptable. Bare feet or gymnastic shoes keep the kids’ feet from sliding.


All prices are based on a 6-week session.

Annual Registration fee- $25 per family
1 child - $72
2 children - $124
3 children - $170
Private Lesson - $120
Semi-Private - $90 (Must have another child you want to take with)
Exhibition Cheer and tumble -  $100
Competitive Cheer and tumble - $120
Recreational Gymnastics and tumble - $108
Competitve Gymnastics and tumble (5+hours a week) prices vary per team

There are discounts when taking multiple classes. See the front desk for more details.

Please call today to check out availability and schedule a free trial class!

Tumbling Classes Offered

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Ages 4 and up can enjoy being part of a competitive cheer team! Joining this team is a 2 night (or more) commitment per week. Our all star program is affordable and offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all the aspects of all star cheer in a cost and time effective way!

Ages 3 and up can enjoy learning a cheer routine and performing without the commitment or cost of the competitive cheer team.

Cheer and Dance Competition